Things You Should Do Before Calling A Towing Company

There are some things you should know before you call a towing company in order to be provided with quick services that you need.

If you are stuck in an interstate or a highway, give them a mile marker when you call. Take note of what you see around you and which direction you are heading. All of this information will help the tow truck driver understand where to find you.

Know what happened to your car. In some cases, you will not know but the more information you can give them the better. If for example you have a flat tire, let them know which tire it is, whether it is front or rear.

One of the most important things is know where you want your vehicle to go. If you live 75 miles away and want your car towed back home let the tow company know this ahead of time.

Make sure you ask for a quote. Towing is expensive, especially with the price of fuel. Also, ask what kind of payments they accept.