Light Duty

Towing Services

There are so many reasons your car may need to be towed. Fortunately, our team is here so you don't have to break the bank or stress out because of it. Our trucks are constantly on the move throughout our city's roads, minimizing your wait time. Call us day or night to get safe towing to your desired location.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Use our services any time you find yourself stuck or in distress. Running out of gas, mechanical problems, minor accidents, and more can leave you vulnerable. Be extra vigilant when close to a major road or highway, during inclement weather, at night, or in unfamiliar parts of town. We do our utmost to get to you quickly and resolve your immediate situation.

Battery Jumpstart

Whether you simply forgot your lights on all night or your battery is at the end of its natural life, you will need to do something quickly to get on your way. We can send a technician out to you fast for a jumpstart, or deliver a brand new battery to your location. Installation takes mere minutes – another way Geyers is on your team.

Flat Tire

It can happen in the blink of an eye: your tire blows out and leaves you stuck. Or, you need to go somewhere only to find your parked car has a flat. Don't worry! You can turn to us for immediate assistance with changing your tire or we can tow you to a tire shop to install replacements.

Weather Related Towing

Try as we might, sometimes we cannot help but find ourselves unprepared for sudden, unpredictable changes in weather. Are you stuck in the mud, snow, or ice? Did you find your vehicle damaged by heavy rains, hail, or even flooding? Give us a call to have your car transported directly to a mechanic, body shop, or junk yard.

Auto Lockout

Did you accidentally lock your keys in your car? No one needs this little headache, but it happens to countless people a day. Did you know that our towing technicians are also skilled at solving most auto lockouts, in only a short time? Our towing cars are always cruising the roads, and are probably miles closer than the nearest locksmith. Cut down on time wasted, and give Geyers a quick call if you get locked out of your car.

Accident Recovery

Had an accident? After taking care of bodily safety and insurance information, it's time to assess your vehicle's condition. Many cars cannot safely be driven following an accident, due to mechanical issues or the state of the driver. Geyers can help you get to the body shop or mechanic as quickly as possible. If the car has been totaled, we can guide you to salvage yards in the area.